Blog Series about Emissions starting on Wednesday

Emissionsberechnung_80x80Tomorrow, we will start our blog post series about Green Logistics focusing on emissions.

“As both politics and transport companies are forced to act, having an eye on the carbon footprint of logistics services is more important then ever.”

Dr. Jacques Leonardi

The progression of climate change is particularly relevant for the logistics industry. Together with Dr. Jacques Leonardi, Senior Research Fellow for Transport Studies at the University of Westminster, the PTV Group developed a white paper “How do you cut
costs by cutting carbon?”

On the next few Wednesdays we will show on our blog, how emission cutting and tracing can affect logistics and how PTV xServer supports emission calculation and reporting. Covering the three topics Carbon Reduction, Calculation and Reporting you will get an overview of emissions on business and technical aspects.


#1 Carbon Reduction

On our first post we outline the needs and benefits of carbon reduction and reporting for logistic companies. Information resulting from the cooperation with Dr. Jacques Leonardi help you to get an impression of the importance of emission transparency.

#2 Carbon Calculation

The goal to reduce emissions comes along with the need of tracing and comparing trip and fleet data. Current emissions of a fleet have to be determined in order to set reduction goals and to trace improvements. Therefore, our second blog post informs you about emission data and carbon calculation on the example of the PTV xServer. It supports different emission factors and calculation approaches like for example HBEFA, CEN and COPERT. This post helps you to understand the differences of these approaches and to chose a suitable data basis for your emission calculation.

#3 Carbon Reporting

On the third part of our series, we dive into technical details how emission reports can be generated with PTV xServer. In a small How-To-Description, we provide all information needed to report emission data using PTV xServer. Example requests as well as information for administrators help you to get started.

42er_Icon-rot_NewsOur “Emission Wednesdays” start tomorrow, so don’t miss our first post!

Don’t miss our PTV xServer webinar tomorrow!

TomPTV_xServer_1.20_80x80orrow at 3:00 PM CET we will proudly present you our PTV xServer 1.20 release.

Here are four reasons to join us tomorrow:

  • You will get a glance at our brandnew PTV xServer scenarios: Loading Space Optimization and Cluster Planning
  • You will see the enhancements in routing and mapping achieved through our new feature layers Truck Attributes and Traffic Incidents
  • You will get to know our Data Manager for PTV xServer internet
  • You will learn about the emission calculation with HBEFA 3.2

WebinarSo use the chance to get informed and register now. In case you have no time to join us, register nevertheless and receive the recording of the webinar via e-mail:
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ALC Forum 2015 “Delivering for Australia”

PTV Group is looking forward to participating in the ALC Forum 2015 on 10-12 March in Melbourne.

We recognise the significance of the Logistics industry to the Australian economy, and as a provider of logistics software solutions are pleased we can assist the industry to increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve customer service. The impact of these solutions is significant: an increase in Logistics total factor productivity of 1% could increase the GDP by $2 billion(1).


Joost Bekker, Business Development Director at PTV Asia Pacific

Joost Bekkerwill be participating in the ALC Forum. He is available to discuss the specific benefits logistic software solutions can deliver to your company and industry.

Please e-mail us on and we will contact you to arrange to meet during the ALC Forum.




(1)The Economic Significance of the Australian Logistics Industry (Australian Logistics Council – ACIL ALLEN Consulting 2014)

Join our webinar for PTV xServer 1.18.1!

PTV xServer 1.18.1 is soon going live

Learn about the PTV components from the comfort of your own desk! We will show you the highlights in a compact, free-of-charge webinar session, no need to install special software. Register for our webinar now and secure your place on one of the following dates:

Wed, 2th of July, 2014, 3 pm (CET)


  • PTV proudly presents the new PTV Manual
  • Feature Layer:
    • Routing: Restricted areas for Germany and time zones considered through routing calculations
    • Rendering: How to visualize Preferred Routes, LOS or Restricted Areas as specific themes.
  • PTV xMapmatch:
    • What is the benefit of an external Provider-ID
    • New result list
    • Unified Profile Mechanism (UPM) is designed for PTV xMapmatch
  • General UPM aspects:
    • Flexible use of vehicle profiles (xRoute –> xTour/xCluster)
  • Miscellaneous
    • xTour on Linux
    • Diverse improvements for xDima

Webinars register directly for the webinar



Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto


Product Manager PTV xServer

PTV Navigator for Android – now in Google Play

Dear all,

PTV was one of the first companies worldwide offering a navigation solution dedicated PTV_Navigator_Android_80x80pxto the needs of professional truck drivers. As the mass market for navigation developed, we assumed the strategy to be the most efficient navigation software for truckers, working with leading telematics and fleet management service providers. As PTV always offered pure software solution without any hardware led to the following situation:

  1. The mass market for navigation devices was conquered by large competitors.
  2. PTV Navigator successfully occupied the niche with professional fleet customers that connected their software with the navigator software and developed a Navigation-SDK – the PTV Navigator components – that allows customers to build their individual navigation solution from scratch.
  3. PTV Software was only available for partners, not for individuals.

Today, as specialised navigation hardware is more and more being replaced by multifunctional devices like smartphones and tablets, we took the play_storenext step. With PTV Navigator for Android available in the Google Play Store, our professional truck navigation solution – previously reserved for companies and large customers – can now be used by individuals, too.

Michael Hubschneider, Product Manager PTV Navigator: “Anyone who has their own fleet or drives a truck now has access to this reliable navigation solution.” The full version can be used free of charge for fourteen days before the customer has to decide whether he wants to buy the software.


Interface with telematics providers

One of the most important features is the interface between that enables telematics providers to integrate individual navigation solutions in their software. External subcontractors, for example, can transfer a specific route to their navigation device using an app for a fleet management system. This makes it easier for both contracting body and subcontractor. This completely new market is now open to be conquered by apps and solutions. PTV Navigator offers a bunch of possibilities to interact with, from the simplest (geo-intents), simple API-usage (as transferring targets and remotely starting navigation or listening to events: Navigator_TMS_API_140415) up to High-end functionalities like positioning individual Navigation hints or Guided Navigation (Video Guided Navigation)

PTV Navigator is just one click away in the Google Play Store. Please test our versions PTV Navigator truck and PTV Navigator fleet for free. If you want to attach to the navigator interface, please request the information package for our telematics partners to integrate the Navigator API. If you would prefer to build your own navigation solution with PTV Navigator components, please talk to us directly!

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto


Product Manager PTV xServer