Discontinuation of PTV xServer API versions 1.22, 2.0-2.6, add-ons and PTV maps 2017

Please notice that PTV Group will be discontinuing PTV xServer versions 1.22, 2.0-2.6 and PTV xServer add-ons (as described below) as of 1 April 2019 as well as PTV Maps version 2017 as of 1 January 2019.

Please also notice that traffic patterns based on TMC won’t be longer provided by the PTV maps. This kind of data is replaced by the segment-based traffic patterns via the established feature layer technology (PTV Traffic Patterns).

From this date onwards, we will no longer provide updates or support for the versions listed in the detailed overview provided at the end of this blog.

To assist our customers, PTV Group has already provided the following upgrade paths, where clients can login to update to the latest versions of:

PTV Group is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service to our customers. Based on the requests given by our clients, we constantly enhance our software and keep integrating new and improved functions and contents. This is why we strongly advise our customers to partake in our maintenance contract, as it integrates extended functions and ensures their systems always remain up-to-date – a basic prerequisite for their day-to-day operations.

To meet the growing requirements, PTV Group, like other software providers, needs to limit the number of software versions available. This way, we can always make sure that our resources stay focused on further improving PTV xServer, PTV xServer add-ons and PTV Maps as the current software solutions create the perfect conditions for our customers’ business applications to excel.

At a glance: Discontinuation notice for PTV xServer versions 1.22, 2.0-2.6 effective from 1 April 2019:

PTV xServers Version Operating System
PTV xCluster Server – Windows (x86/x64); Linux (x86/x64)
PTV xDima Server – Windows (x86/x64); Linux (x86/x64)
PTV xLoad Server – Windows (x64); Linux (x64)
PTV xLocate Server – Windows (x86/x64); Linux (x86/x64)
PTV xMap Server – Windows (x86/x64); Linux (x86/x64)
PTV xMapmatch Server – Windows (x86/x64); Linux (x86/x64)
PTV xRoute Server – Windows (x86/x64); Linux (x86/x64)
PTV xTerritory Server – Windows (x64); Linux (x64)
PTV xTour Server – Windows (x86/x64); Linux (x64)
PTV xServer bundle – Windows (x64); Linux (x64)
PTV xServer 2.0.0 – 2.6.0 Windows (x64); Linux (x64)


At a glance: Discontinuation notice for PTV xServer add-ons effective from 1 April 2019:

PTV xServer add-ons Version Comment
AJAX Maps – Java Servlet works with PTV xMap Server


At a glance: Discontinuation notice for PTV data effective from 1 September 2018:

PTV data Version Comment
Traffic Patterns TMC-based Replaced by segment-based traffic patterns via feature layer technology


At a glance: Discontinuation notice for PTV Maps version 2017 effective from 1 January 2019:

PTV Maps Version Map & Data Provider
PTV Europe City Map Premium 2017.1H, 2017.2H

2017.1T, 2017.2T

Here, AND


PTV North America City Map 2017 Here
PTV South America City Map 2017 Here
PTV Australia City Map 2017 Here
PTV World Map 2017 AND
PTV World City Map 2017.1T, 2017.2T TomTom
PTV Africa City Map 2017 TomTom
PTV South Asia City Map 2017 TomTom
PTV Arabia City Map 2017 Here
PTV Maghreb City Map 2017 TomTom
PTV India City Map 2017 Here

Data Privacy for PTV xServer internet according to DGPR

You have probably already heard that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies as of today, May 25, 2018. This new regulatory framework also entails changes that affect our cooperation.

This concerns the processing of personal data. You will find our updated privacy policy for download, which you automatically accept by using PTV xServer internet.

PTV xServer now available

PTV xServer service release is available now!


It contains a bug fix and an improvement, all Highlights of the Version are:

PTV xMapmatch Server:

  • Bugfix: Now it starts-up and works again with TomTom maps.

PTV xTour Server:

  • Feature: Now the number of input vehicles are shown in the billing log.

See the Release Notes for more details.

The PTV xServer can be downloaded from the customer area Downloadof the PTV Developer Zone. If you need further information or support please contact the Support Team.

New PTV xServer Release available!

We proudly present our new PTV xServer release. This release is focused North America Geocoding and Rendering, but there are more features for world wide use.

For details about the services you find the corresponding release notes here.

Here are some feature highlights of API version 2.7:

  • Framework
    • For detailed monitoring it is now possible to send requests to dedicated backend instances.
  • xLocate
    • The geocoding search produces results even if some words were falsely concatenated in the input (e.g. ‘Ruedestrasbourg’ instead of ‘Rue de Strasbourg’).
    • The total score and the address scores (formerly modelled as field scores) are no longer experimental.
  • xMap
    • Country-specific styles for Feature Layer may be configured (e.g. to show country-specific icons for truck attributes in North America).
    • Street names are now drawn along the road considering the street curve.
  • xTour
    • Added a new attribute ‘drivers’ to the fleet. A driver is assigned to a vehicle and may be given exactly one operating interval.
    • In a multi-day planning scenario it is now possible to only plan daily rests if it is necessary, i.e. there may be multiple trips per day without daily rest between them.
    • New possibility in the ‘changeTours’ method to change fixations of an existing tour plan stored on server side.
    • It is now possible to fix a trip to a vehicle in the input plan to make sure such trips are not changed at all.

For on-premise solutions you can download the latest version from the Developer Zone.

For cloud solutions we provide a test system based on this release. It contains the PTV xServer API version 2.7 release plus all future and finished changes for the next release:

Some notes:

  • The PTV xServer API version 2.x requires a 2017.1 map or newer.
  • The corresponding geocoding data for on-premise solutions is on request. It is not included in the map. This is required for running xLocate. (The data is available for PTV Europe City Map and with this release also for the PTV North America City Map from HERE).
  • PTV xServer internet (test and productive system) provides PTV Europe City Map 2017.2 (HERE). The update to PTV Europe City Map 2018.1 (HERE) is scheduled for the near future. The productive system already provides the API version 2.7.

New PTV Mapserver

The new release of PTV Mapserver is now available for download in the Customer Area . This release contains following improvements:

  • The speed classification in the upcoming maps Europe Premium 2019.1 (and higher) will change. To get better route calculation results, the used profiles have to be adapted. Further details can be found in the method description of IVehicle::put_SpeedProfile() and the ReadMe. More Information about this topic will also be provided later this Year.

Any further questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our PTV Support Team.

Toll Update for Europe available

The toll update contains the following countries:


  • New tariffs on highways from February 2018
    This scenario contains the current toll charges, i.e. mainly the motorway network on the basis of the last available tariffs from ASFA dated Feb. 2018. This scenario replaces the previous ‘France January 2018’ scenario.

Concerned maps

  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2018.2H
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2018.1H
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2018.1T
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2017.2H
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2017.1H
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2017.2T

You can download it from the customer area of the PTV Developer Zone or use automatic update with the PTV Content Update Service. For PTV Mapserver please use the current version of the PTV Toll Update Tool.


If you need further information or support please contact the Support Team.