The map updates continue: Get our new maps of Australia and Southern Africa

Update your map now and get new data for Australia and Southern Africa.

PTV Australia City Map 2015

AustraliaWe released an update for the Australia map (HERE).

Following additional content is available:

  • Time Zones
  • Traffic Patterns (will be released for New Zealand in April)
  • Preferred Routes (will be released for the whole map in April)
  • Truck Attributes (will be released for the whole map in April)
  • Point of interests with redesigned icons

Currently, the map is released for the following products:

  • PTV xServer
  • PTV Mapserver

PTV Southern Africa City Map 2015


Already in February, we released a map update for the Southern Africa map (TomTom). Two new countries are available: Republic of Congo, and Gabon. Routing results could be enhanced by adapting speed information according to the real situation on the roads. With enlarged information on house and street numbers and postcodes, the geocoding possibilities are increased. Points of interests are available on top of the map and also the Feature Layer Time Zones can be downloaded from the PTV Customer Area.

The map is released for the following products:

  • PTV xServer
  • PTV Mapsverver
  • PTV Map&Market basic/premium 2014
  • PTV Smartour 2015.1

MapsContentFind general information about our PTV Maps and content here:

In our customer area you get detailed information about the specific PTV maps and can download the additional content for the map:


Elevation for routes in North America and Australia

HoeheninformationSince version 1.18 the PTV xRoute Server is able to provide the height information for each segment in Europe. This information is of value for diverse use cases on client side e.g. plot an elevation profile along a calculated route or define different prices for serving customers high in the mountains. Now there is also the height data in North America and Australia available.

ElevationNamFrom 2015 on the height data will be included in the map setup. To start instantly with the latest maps from 2014 or even older ones, we provide the height data separately at the customer area of the PTV Developer Zone (login is required). Please note that there is no extra license required.

And now it is time for the “small print” information of this topic 😉

  • For using the height data in North America and Australia the PTV xRoute Server 1.18.1 or later is required.
  • In North America the height data is only available until 60 degrees north. As this is the southern boundary of Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut in Canada, these areas are not included.
  • In case of a very uneven landscape it is possible that the height information is too blurry on some segments. We recommend to smooth the elevation profile on client side.

PTV xServer update and new feature layers

PTV_xServer_1.18_100x100pxThere is now the new version of the PTV xServer released. Besides some bug fixes our focus was on improving the rendering of the feature layers. For further information please check the release notes. You can download the latest PTV xServer from the customer area of the PTV Developer Zone (login is required).

Map-LogoSuitable for the new version we also released for the first time European feature layers and updated the Australian feature layers. All of the new feature layers are prepared for routing and rendering:

  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2014.1N und 2014.2H
    Time Zones FL, Traffic Patterns FL, Preferred Routes FL, Truck Restriction Zones FL
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2014.1T und 2014.2T
    Time Zones FL, Traffic Patterns FL, Truck Restriction Zones FL
  • PTV Australia City Map 2014
    Time Zones FL, Traffic Patterns FL, Preferred Routes FL

As this content is not included in the map, we deliver it separately. The feature layers are now available for download. Please note that a new licence file is recommended when updating from former PTV xServer versions in order to use them.

If you need any information or support please contact the Support Team.

Brand-new maps and content for Europe available

sandbox_overviewFor Europe we produce twice a year new maps (from a PTV xServer point of view the main release in autumn and the intermediate release in spring). As nature blooms there is now the intermediate release of our Europe maps for the year 2014 available:

  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2014.2H
    This map is mainly based on the raw data provider HERE (“H”). Up to now you know this map as “N” (NAVTEQ). As the data provider introduces the new brand HERE, we also change the name of the map from now on.
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2014.2T
    This map is mainly based on the raw data provider TomTom (“T”).

KarteA lot of content like speed limits or toll is already part of the maps, but some content is not included. Please note that we deliver this content separately:

  • POI Data
    This content comprises geographical objects like hotels, restaurants or petrol stations.
  • Truck Attributes
    This content allows a truck specific routing e.g. to consider the size, weight or loaded cargo of the truck.
  • Traffic Patterns
    This content represents traffic flows during the day e.g. to consider the rush hour in the morning and evening. You can download the traffic patterns form the customer area of the PTV Developer Zone.

The delivery of the PTV maps and content depends on your license agreement. This applies especially for the intermediate release of the maps. In case of any doubts please contact your sales representative.

Fresh from the press: New feature layer for North America

PTVxRouteServerSince PTV xRoute Server 1.17 our new technology feature layer is available. It was designed and developed for an easy use of varied data content in the context of route planning.

We just uploaded the new feature layer data for PTV North America City 2014N. To download the data, please visit the PTV Developer Zone customer area, section “Product Download / Feature Layer”. There you will find the following layers:

  • Time Zones FL: Time zones information (prerequisite for all time dependent feature layer like Traffic Patterns FL)
  • Preferred Routes FL: Road networks to be prioritized (e.g. for trucks with special loads or heavy vehicles)
  • Traffic Patterns FL: Time dependent speeds of road networks (computed from historical traffic statistics)

More different feature layers and the data for PTV Europe City Map will follow in the future.