Changes on PTV xServer Internet Developer Guide

csm_codesample_cloudWe have made some improvements on our PTV xServer Internet Developer Guide. Besides some basic links or the links to our documentation and Client APIs, Customers of PTV xServer Internet are now able to connect directly to the Management Console, the Code Sample Browser and the Raw Request Runner of the respective cluster. The link to the Management Console you can find in the Tab of the belonging PTV xServer. The Code Sample Browser and the Raw Request Runner are listed in the new Tab ‘Live-tools’. For some links you will need your token to access. So just enter “xtok” as user and your token as password.

PTV_xServer_internet_80x80The respective cluster you can find in the General Information section in the Content and Services menu on our PTV xServer Internet website or following this link – General Information.


Code Sample Browser adapted for the cloud

csm_codesample_cloudPTV xServer internet has a new Cloud Code Sample Browser. This new tool is optimized for the use with our cloud solution.

gear-wheelUse the gearwheel button to edit the configuration. Insert your token to test & discover PTV xServer in a live environment.

  • Enter a term in the search box to find a sample, or choose one right away.
  • Brief explanatory texts describe the content and the mode of operation of the sample in question.
  • Start each sample in a new window or using tabbed browsing.
  • Edit button opens the code editor. It contains the complete code of the sample, which can be changed.
  • Saves changes to the code to update the sample.
  • View button shows the sample again.
  • Revert button restores the initial state of the sample at any time.
  • Reset button in the configuration restores the initial Demo-Token.

CSB_Berlin Have fun playing with the new Cloud Code Sample Browser in a live environment.

If you like to use the previous version you can still access the Code Sample Browser based on the demo maps.