PTV xServer API Version 2.12 is now available!

We proudly present our new PTV xServer API Version 2.12 Release. For the full list of Features and Improvements you can check the corresponding release notes here.

xTour – Group ID’s

Here are some feature highlights of API Version 2.12:

  • Framework
    • Added support for external Java installations (64-bit Java 8 required. We recommend the use Amazon Corretto or Orcale Java). Please note that the Java Runtime Environment is no longer integrated in the PTV xServer and need to be installed separately. You find more information on the according Manual Page.
    • Updated the stored profiles to DataCompatibilityVersion 2 as all current maps are also based on this version. Please ensure that your profiles and map data have the same version. Otherwise the PTV xServer won’t start
  • xLocate
    • The representation of the country results (Name, ISO-2, ISO-3 or license plate code) can be specified in the request
  • xMap
    • Improved the rendering performance especially when using Feature PTV_(Truck-)SpeedPatterns
  • xRoute
    • Introduced a REST-API for xRoute (Note that the method is experimental)
  • xTour
    • Added support to plan precombined trips by specifying the attribute ‘groupId’ for each order and the attribute ‘orderGroupConsideration’ in the planning options. (Note that this is experimental)
    • Alternative depots are also supported for the methods ‘changeTours’ and ‘findChangeToursProposals’. (Note that this is experimental)
    • Added attribute ‘legReports’ to the element ‘TourReport’ to return information for each leg between two consecutive stops. (Note that this is experimental)
  • xLoad
    • Unloading sequence support
    • Added stackability restrictions by ItemTypes

For on-premise solutions you can download the latest version from the Customer Area at the Developer Zone.

For cloud solutions we will provide test and production systems based on this release. The Europe test cluster already contains the PTV xServer API version 2.12 release plus all future and finished changes for the next release.

  • Check the General Information page to get more information about existing PTV xServer internet deployments.

PTV xServer 1.24 now available

Our new PTV xServer 1.24 release is available NOW!


Besides several Bugfixes, Improvements and some Features, the Highlights of the 1.24 Version are:

PTV xRoute Server: With the new xRoute 1.24, the time zone of the start and destination point of a route is determined automatically if no time zone is set.

PTV xMap Server: Several displaying improvements and some new icons.

PTV xTour Server: As an additional vehicle restriction you can set the maximum distance per tour. With this you can plan tours for example with electric powered vehicles with a maximum reach.

See the 1.24 Release Notes for more details.

The PTV xServer 1.24 can be downloaded from the customer area Downloadof the PTV Developer Zone. If you need further information or support please contact the Support Team.


PTV xServer 2.1 now available

we proudly present our PTV xServer 2.1.0 release with seven services in total. In addition to the well-known geographic services xMap, xLocate and xRoute with significant further progress, we offer the brand-new logistics services xDima, xCluster, xTour and xLoad.

For on-premise solutions you have two possibilities to pick up our “Christmas present” at:

For cloud solutions we provide a test system based on this release. It contains the PTV xServer 2.1 release plus all future and finished changes for the next release:

Some notes:

  • The PTV xServer 2 requires a 2017.1 map or newer.
  • The corresponding geocoding data for on-premise solutions is on request as it is not included in the map (for running xLocate). On the other hand this data is installed for cloud solutions.
  • the test system on xServer internet has PTV Europe City Map 2017.1 (HERE) installed and at the moment we still host the geographic services only. All seven services and a productive system will follow.

For details about the services you find the corresponding release notes here:

Last but not least we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

PTV xServer 1.22 – out NOW!

Our new PTV xServer 1.22 release is available NOW!

Highlights of the new 1.22 Version:

featurelayerPTV xServer: With the upcoming Europe City Map 2016.2 we will introduce a new Feature Layer Truck Waiting times. This first version will include the waiting times at toll booths. As soon as the Feature layer is available you can use it for predictive routing and display the waiting times in the map.

Toll ScenarioPTV xRoute Server: With the new xRoute 1.22, the Belgium Toll valid from 01.04.2016 can be calculated respecting the three different toll regions. The NGA emission factors for Australia are updated to the 2015 version. There is a new way for exception path input using an intersecting line.

PTV xMapMatch Server: Improved global matching by when driving PTV xMapmatch Serverwith low speed, comming from off-road or when the GPS tracks ends.


At thiWebinarss point we would like to inform you of our Webinar taking place March, 3th 2016 where we will demonstrate the new features of PTV xServer 1.22.

Start optimizing your loading space with our brandnew PTV xLoad Server

xLoad-Server-Icon_Puzzleteil-grau_64pWith our new PTV xLoad Server the PTV xServer family has added another dimension of planning to the product portfolio. With the PTV xServer 1.20 release our brandnew server is available for download.

PTV xLoad Server partitions the loading space of a truck as efficiently as possible while taking account of the various temperature zones, the unloading sequence and flexible walls. After defining the characteristics of the truck’s loading space and the transport units, PTV xLoad Server delivers a loading space layout, which shows the wall distribution and the location of the individual transport units.


PTV xLoad Server at a glance:

  • Delivers a layout for the optimal utilisation of loading space
  • Considers unloading sequence for a quick and easy access
  • Multiple zones can be defined including dry and cooling zones
  • Flexible and fix dividing walls are included in the optimised layout

Discover the possibilites of PTV xLoad by using our demo in the Code Sample Browser: Loading Space Optimization

Find out more on our Website for PTV xLoad or if you need further information or support please contact the Support Team. PTV xLoad is available for download in our Customer Area via PTV Developer Zone (login is required).

Discover the new release of our PTV xServer family 1.20

PTV_xServer_1.20_80x80PTV proudly presents the new version of PTV xServer family.   Our established and new PTV xServer are available for download from our Developer Zone now. (login is required)


  • PTV xLocate ServerDownload
  • PTV xMap Server
  • PTV xMapmatch Server
  • PTV xRoute Server
  • PTV xTour Server
  • PTV xDima Server
  • PTV xCluster Server
  • PTV xLoad Server NEW
  • PTV xTerritory Server NEW
  • PTV xServer Bundle

Together with the 1.20 release two brand new PTV xServer are available:

xTerritory-Server-Icon_Puzzleteil-grau_64pPTV xTerritory Server for Cluster Planning
PTV xTerritory Server allows you to plan and change territories and territory centres based on locations. Common use cases are the management of sales representatives, the planning of warehouse locations and their delivery areas as well as delivery planning.

xLoad-Server-Icon_Puzzleteil-grau_64pPTV xLoad Server for Loading Space Optimization
Use PTV xLoad Server to optimise the loading space and plan the positioning of transport units. After defining the characteristics of the truck’s loading space and the transport units, PTV xLoad Server delivers a loading space layout, which shows the wall distribution and the location of the individual transport units. More information regarding the two new PTV xServer will follow soon.

Highlights of the new 1.20 version:

Two new Feature Layer Themes are integrated in the PTV xMap Server where they are rendered with according icons and available object informations. To gain more accuracy and better planning basis you can consider these two new Feature Layer Themes in the routing of the PTV xRoute Server as well.

TA_scale_250Feature Layer Theme Truck Attributes provide information about road restrictions according to truck characteristics like for example weight and height.

TI_scale_150Feature Layer Theme Traffic Incidents offers realtime traffic events which have an impact on the traffic state. This  dynamic FeatureLayer and can be downloaded from the Layer Delivery Server with the PTV Content Update Service plugin.

Please notice that PTV provides the corresponding data at the earliest in April. But we would be delighted to supply data sets before the given date.

Emissionsberechnung_80x80Another highlight, the emission calculation according to HBEFA 3.2 is available as an additional data package for the PTV xRoute Server.

WebinarWe would like to remind you to join the upcoming webinar at 12th of March, 2015. In this webinar we will demonstrate the new features of PTV xServer 1.20 and our brand new Data Manager for PTV xServer internet.