PTV xServer API Version 1.28 is now available!

Check out the highlights of the PTV xServer API Version 1.28.


General/All Services:

  • Added support for external Java installations (64-bit Java 8 required, Amazon Corretto and Oracle Java recommended). Please note that the Java Runtime Environment is no longer integrated in the PTV xServer and must be installed separately. You find more Information on the according Manual Page.
  • Updated the stored profiles to version 2 as all current PTV maps are also based on version 2. Please ensure that your profiles and map data have the same version as otherwise the PTV xServer won’t start.
  • In case of inconsistent map and Feature Layer data (e.g. mixing different providers or versions by mistake) the PTV xServer won’t start.

PTV xTour Server:

  • Feature: Added new parameter ‘mergeTransportPointCountPerSite’ that counts all transport points at the same site as single transport point regarding the restriction ‘maxTransportPointCountPerTour’.

See the 1.28 Release Notes for more details.


The PTV xServer 1.28 can be downloaded from the customer area of the PTV Developer Zone. If you need further information or support please contact the Support Team.

PTV xServer 1.24 now available

Our new PTV xServer 1.24 release is available NOW!


Besides several Bugfixes, Improvements and some Features, the Highlights of the 1.24 Version are:

PTV xRoute Server: With the new xRoute 1.24, the time zone of the start and destination point of a route is determined automatically if no time zone is set.

PTV xMap Server: Several displaying improvements and some new icons.

PTV xTour Server: As an additional vehicle restriction you can set the maximum distance per tour. With this you can plan tours for example with electric powered vehicles with a maximum reach.

See the 1.24 Release Notes for more details.

The PTV xServer 1.24 can be downloaded from the customer area Downloadof the PTV Developer Zone. If you need further information or support please contact the Support Team.


PTV xServer 1.22 – out NOW!

Our new PTV xServer 1.22 release is available NOW!

Highlights of the new 1.22 Version:

featurelayerPTV xServer: With the upcoming Europe City Map 2016.2 we will introduce a new Feature Layer Truck Waiting times. This first version will include the waiting times at toll booths. As soon as the Feature layer is available you can use it for predictive routing and display the waiting times in the map.

Toll ScenarioPTV xRoute Server: With the new xRoute 1.22, the Belgium Toll valid from 01.04.2016 can be calculated respecting the three different toll regions. The NGA emission factors for Australia are updated to the 2015 version. There is a new way for exception path input using an intersecting line.

PTV xMapMatch Server: Improved global matching by when driving PTV xMapmatch Serverwith low speed, comming from off-road or when the GPS tracks ends.


At thiWebinarss point we would like to inform you of our Webinar taking place March, 3th 2016 where we will demonstrate the new features of PTV xServer 1.22.