My friend WPF

Dear all,

PTV proudly presents a new add-on which might help you in many cases in order to use more interactivity in your .NET applications.

What does it mean?

The PTV WPF Map Control is a rich, interactive and flexible map widget for embedding PTV xMap Server into .NET based client applications. Please note that this is a first technical version of a full featured map control, that will be part of an future SDK.

Please note this is a preview. The official version 1.0 is planned for August 2012. Besides PTV xServer add-on AJAX Maps WPF will be a further powerful control for a better handling of PTV maps in your desktop applications. We are very excited to get a feedback when you are starting to integrate this map widget.

PTV WPF Map is available for our customers within the
Developer Zone (Updates & Downloads / Clients & Servlets).
Please share your experiences with us to improve the map
control constantly.

Regards Your Product Manager

Dr. Michael Nutto