Now we are complete!

Dear all,

the PTV xTour Server is ready for download.

Following features and improvements are added:

New Feature: A first 64-bit preview xTour version is available.
New Feature: Support for tour amending is added.
New Feature: Support for vehicle based cost optimisation is added.
New Feature: Unplaned stopps can be analyzed.
New Feature: Proposial functions such as findVehiclesForTour() and 
             findToursForVehicle() are introduced.
Improvement: Updated 3rd party components such as Apache Tomcat to 
             current versions.
Improvement: The documentation and management console come with the 
             new PTV group layout.
Improvement: The tour optimisation algorithm supports tour reduction.
Improvement: Loading area dimensions (length, width, height, weight) 
             are introduced and considered for TransportOrders, 
             Vehicles, and Trains.
Improvement: The xTour API is extended by serveral new attributes.

Yours sincerely
Dr. Michael Nutto
Product Manager PTV XSERVER