Mapmatching is going to be a great help

Dear all,

Discover our new PTV Mapmatch Server 64-bit for Linux and Windows which we have recently updated to version

Following servers are provided via DevZone (select customer area but notice that your login is required):

  • PTV Mapmatch Server Linux-x86-gcc4
  • PTV Mapmatch Server1.16.0.0 Linux-x64-gcc4
  • PTV Mapmatch Server Windows-x86-vc10
  • PTV Mapmatch Server Windows-x64-vc10

Discover the new features:

  • TrackPosition and MatchedLocation have a new attribute: coordinate. The coordinate can have several coordinate formates defined in the CallerContext of the request.
  • 64-bit version is available.
  • All xServers have REST-RPC/JSON web service entry points.
  • The Raw Request Runner can now convert SOAP requests and responses to JSON and vice versa.
  • Scheduling of waiting requests is optimized to better utilize available CPUs.
  • RMI registry ports are automatically assigned during startup and no longer need configuration.

Any question? Please contact your support team.

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto