High-Performance Routing with PTV xRoute

PTVxRouteServerFinally, High-Performance Routing (HPR) becomes available for PTV xRoute with the next release 1.20.1 in August.

HPR is based on pre-calculated routing networks that use a pre-defined map and route calculation profile instead of conventional road networks. Using pre-calculated routing networks may be less flexible, but provides a huge advantage in accessing times. Especially for large distance matrix calculation instances, the speed-up is crucial.HPR

Already now, HPR is available for PTV xDima, PTV xTour and PTV xTerritory. You can have a look at the PTV xServer Manual about High-Performance Routing.

WebinarFurther information will follow in our webinar about the PTV xServer release 1.20.1 in August. You can also contact the Support Team.