New roadtype “Unpaved roads” on previous xMap versions

Mapping With the Europe City Map Premium 2016.2H we introduced a new roadtype “Unpaved roads”. Because this roadtype is not known by the old renderer (xMap 1.20.1 and earlier) these roads will be displayed in bright green.

Workaround to change the colour of these roadsFAQs

You need to edit the profile file. Depending on your used profile it is silkysand.ini, sandbox.ini or gravelpit.ini in your xMap or xServer /conf/ Folder.
Unfortunately the classic Profile is hardcoded and can not be edited manually.


These values:


must be changed to:




Alternatively you Downloadcan download configuration files of the version here and copy them to your conf folder, overwriting the existing ones.

2 thoughts on “New roadtype “Unpaved roads” on previous xMap versions

  1. There is a small typo in the post:
    config.streeti.colorbyte should be config.streeti.colorbytype

    • That is right and i corrected it in the post. Thank you for your feedback.

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