PTV Navigator for Android – now in Google Play

Dear all,

PTV was one of the first companies worldwide offering a navigation solution dedicated PTV_Navigator_Android_80x80pxto the needs of professional truck drivers. As the mass market for navigation developed, we assumed the strategy to be the most efficient navigation software for truckers, working with leading telematics and fleet management service providers. As PTV always offered pure software solution without any hardware led to the following situation:

  1. The mass market for navigation devices was conquered by large competitors.
  2. PTV Navigator successfully occupied the niche with professional fleet customers that connected their software with the navigator software and developed a Navigation-SDK – the PTV Navigator components – that allows customers to build their individual navigation solution from scratch.
  3. PTV Software was only available for partners, not for individuals.

Today, as specialised navigation hardware is more and more being replaced by multifunctional devices like smartphones and tablets, we took the play_storenext step. With PTV Navigator for Android available in the Google Play Store, our professional truck navigation solution – previously reserved for companies and large customers – can now be used by individuals, too.

Michael Hubschneider, Product Manager PTV Navigator: “Anyone who has their own fleet or drives a truck now has access to this reliable navigation solution.” The full version can be used free of charge for fourteen days before the customer has to decide whether he wants to buy the software.


Interface with telematics providers

One of the most important features is the interface between that enables telematics providers to integrate individual navigation solutions in their software. External subcontractors, for example, can transfer a specific route to their navigation device using an app for a fleet management system. This makes it easier for both contracting body and subcontractor. This completely new market is now open to be conquered by apps and solutions. PTV Navigator offers a bunch of possibilities to interact with, from the simplest (geo-intents), simple API-usage (as transferring targets and remotely starting navigation or listening to events: Navigator_TMS_API_140415) up to High-end functionalities like positioning individual Navigation hints or Guided Navigation (Video Guided Navigation)

PTV Navigator is just one click away in the Google Play Store. Please test our versions PTV Navigator truck and PTV Navigator fleet for free. If you want to attach to the navigator interface, please request the information package for our telematics partners to integrate the Navigator API. If you would prefer to build your own navigation solution with PTV Navigator components, please talk to us directly!

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto


Product Manager PTV xServer

New patch is available for toll data using transit level network

Dear all,

PTV would like to let you know that patches are available for toll calculation using following PTV Maps on transit level (using PTV xServer and PTV Mapserver):

Relevant Map packages
2014.1N (Navteq)
  • Single IUs such as Germany, France etc.

Download is not necessary when PTV Europe City Map Premium is in total use.

Toll data is missing for Andorra and Czech Republic. But this has an impact on total toll calculation.
2014.1T (TomTom)
  • Single IUs such as Germany, France etc.

Download is not necessary when PTV Europe City Map Premium is in total use.

Toll data is missing for Italy using transit level.

Please notice that we have updated the PTV Developer Zone. A new patch area is selectable for downloads using PTV xServer and PTV Mapserver as follows:

PTV xServer and PTV Mapserver:



For further information, please contact your representative support

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto


Product Manager PTV xServer

PTV Navigator for Android™ with eMobility Features

PTV_Navigator_Android_80x80pxNew special eMobility functions have been developed as part of the iZEUS ( research project and are currently being thoroughly tested and further developed in a fleet test. The eMobility features offer excellent range calculation and helpful assistance systems for electric vehicles.

The server-calculated range is displayed as a polygon, in order to show which ranges can really be achieved. At present, characteristic values such as battery charge status, temperature, heating/air conditioning and motor consumption are already taken into account.

With the use of assistants, current vehicle consumption values can be visualised and usage scenarios calculated in real time (for example, “How far would I get if I turned the air conditioning off?”). Charging stations along the route can easily be displayed and integrated into the route.

We are currently in the test phase with the eMobility features. We will let you know as soon as they are available as part of the PTV Navigator for Android™. In the meantime, please contact our product manager for any product-related questions.

Visit the product world for more information concerning professional truck & fleet navigation solutions and PTV Navigator components.


Guided Navigation opens doors

Guided Navigation for trucks, bus services and for offroad routes opens doors and makes process integration easier and simpler.

Join our next free webinar on 13. December 2012 and learn about:


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  • Guided Navigation onroad and offroad
  • New Silent Via Point concept
  • Java program for creating BCR
  • Create routes with PTV xRoute Server
  • Export a route as BCR file

Read about

PTV xRoute Server –
Use BCR string for guided navigation

For those who use the PTV xRoute Server and in addition to that a mobile navigation device capable to handle the BCR format the missing link is now available.

The BCR Converter is an easy to use Java class library to convert a route calculated by PTV xRoute Server into a string in BCR format. Then you can use this BCR string for guided navigation in your BCR capable mobile device.

Find the free BCR Converter for download here.