Hot and greasy – PTV xServer 1.17 beta

Dear all,

we have recently released the beta version of PTV xServer 1.17. We kindly ask you to download the software at the Developer Zone for testing purposes. Please notice that this area is restricted, therefore a login is required.

Following new features are waiting for your approval:

General New update and outfit of the PTV Code Sample Browser*
PTV xLocate Server Specify population as new parameter by using findLocation() for an approximate search.
PTV xMap Server Specify transparency as a new parameter to render.
New plugin so called leaflet is added. Please visit our web-page Code Sample Browser*.
PTV xRoute Server Unified Profile Mechanism: Use XML-snippets in your requests to get a full access to all engine parameters.
A new technical model is designed: Feature Layer. By using this technology you are easily dealing with several data layers in various combinations which directly affect your route calculations. In this version, PTV provides time zones, speed patterns and preferred routes for the current PTV North America and Australian Map. Please note, the data processing for the PTV Europe Map will follow soon.
The different percentage of Ecotaxe can be passed on to the road haulage companies.
Complete driver regulations can be modified in the corresponding interface.
PTV xTour Server Consider product incompatibilities during tour calculation. Only permitted products can be loaded in a truck.
A new method is implemented: planOvernightTours(), e.g. considering overnights in your field force plannings.

(* for using the Code Sample Browser no login is required)

We have also recently renamed the PTV xServer WebSDK (formerly known as PTV xINet Server) to PTV xServer bundle.

Anyway, we are waiting for your feedback. Please let us know your impression of those enhancements and new features.

If you need further information or support please contact the Support Team.

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto


Product Manager PTV xServer

We are ready to face new challenges in 2013!


Dear all,

PTV faces the new challenges in 2013. Therefore we proudly present the beta version of PTV xServer 1.16 which are now downloadable from our Developer Zone (login is required). Following new features are going to be provided in our next product release:

  • PTV xServer 64-Bit version for Windows becomes fully in operation (xLocate, xMap, xRoute, xTour and xDima)
  • Note: PTV xServer 64-Bit version for Linux is still available as preview (xLocate, xMap and xRoute are in an experimental state) –> please ask Product Management which linux version (type and kernel) could be used in a productive environment
  • All PTV xServer have REST-RPC/JSON web service entry points
  • A set of improvements are added into PTV xLocate.
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