Presentation of yesterday’s webinar

Dear Community,

yesterday we again had a great event! Bernd and Hansjörg presented the geographical PTV xServer.

The Presentation is now available for download  (section “xRadio Webinars / Documents & Samples / PTV xServer only”). If you want to access documents and samples of past sessions, you need to be a registered PTV Developer Zone Forum user and logged in.

PTV xMap Server copyright (release 1.14 or higher)

Users of PTV xMap Server are responsible to check the copyright in their map applications before going into operation.

The procedure for PTV xMap Server 1.14 or higher using PTV maps from 2011 or earlier is described within a document you find on PTV Developer Zone (go to “Develop & Update”, enter your login data and access the “Documents” area).

For any questions contact the PTV xServer Support Team or post to our forum .

Migration guide
PTV xTour Server 1.14

As PTV customer you have access to our migration guide describing data structure changes and name changes of classes, attributes and enumeration constants.

On the PTV Developer Zone, go to “Develop & Update”, enter your login data and access the “Docuemts” area.

For any questions please