Discontinuation of “Birdview”

Dear customer,

we would like to let you know that PTV AG will be discontinuing the functionality “Birdview” which is part of the mapping engine on 01/12/2013. As a consequence, this component is removed for the current and all future versions of PTV xMap Server (1.18 and higher).

Besides, this functionality is deprecated and our processes will be optimized by removing and consequently lead up to a more efficient mapping.

Following functionality will be discontinued on 01/12/2013:

  • Birdview (PTV xMap Server 1.18 and higher)

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto

Product Manager PTV xServer

Reminder: discontinuation of toll updates


Dear all,

we like to remind you that following add-on product will be discontinued on 01/04/2013:

  • toll updates old technology (<country>_d.ci files).

Please use instead toll scenario which is an improved technology and standard since PTV xServer version 1.12. There are no changes to be done in your application (if you aren’t interested to add scenarios into your solution) except for download the necessary files (TollScenarios.iniRead more

Can you recall the following discontinuations?

This post addresses all customers using PTV xServer or PTV Mapserver and wants to remind you of discontinuation announcements in the first half of 2013:




For any questions concerning the discontinuation – and the time after 😉 – apply to the Support Team or your PTV Group contact.

PTV Java Wrapper will be discontinued

Dear customer,

we would like to let you know that PTV AG will be discontinuing the PTV Java Wrapper on 01/10/12, which is part of the PTV Mapserver. As a consequence, the PTV Java Wrapper won’t be updated anymore for future versions such as PTV Mapserver 5.7 and higher. The current status of PTV Java Wrapper is still available for future PTV Mapserver’ versions but further developments of the PTV Java Wrapper and generating new executable files are abandoned. According to this announcement future features cannot be accessed by the PTV Java Wrapper.

Kind regards,

Dr. Michael Nutto

Product Management PTV XSERVER

Announcement of discontinuation: PTV Mapserver (v5.5 or older)

Dear Customer,

We would like to let you know that PTV AG will be discontinuing the PTV Mapserver versions 5.5 and older on 01/04/2013. From then onwards, we will no longer provide upgrades or support for these versions. Please notice that we don’t provide toll updates with the old technology (<country>_d.ci files) any more. Please use instead toll scenarios (TollScenarios.ini and <country>_d.cid<index> files) which are available at PTV’s Developer Zone (login required).

The following versions will be discontinued on 01/04/2013:

  • PTV Mapserver version 5.5 and older
  • Toll Updates (old technology: <country>_d.ci files)

Why are the products being phased out?

The PTV Mapserver SDK is constantly being enhanced. Many new and improved functions have been integrated at the request of our customers. In addition, you will have noticed that a maintenance contract on the current versions pays off, as it integrates extended functions. Therefore we enhanced the feature “toll calculation” with the add-on module “toll scenarios”. Hereby you are able to calculate future toll costs using the so called toll scenarios. It also guarantees that you remain up-to-date – a basic prerequisite for day-to-day operations. PTV AG is therefore meeting the growing requirements of its clients. On the other hand, costs arise from supporting older software versions. For this reason, PTV AG, like other software providers, has to limit the number of software versions available. Our resources will be redirected into further improving the PTV Mapserver. The current software solutions therefore create the perfect conditions for your business applications.

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto

Product Management PTV XSERVER