Brand new manual!

For the first time the PTV xServer 1.18.1 come along with a completely new help system.  The new manual includes all information in one place starting from basic server descriptions up to API documentation. The new improved structure helps purchasers, administrators and developers to find information fast and easily in specific chapters. Furthermore technical concepts and use cases complete the user-specific manual.

Another distinctive feature is the full search function. Now it is possible to search through all contents.

Would you like to know more? → Visit our new PTV xServer manual on our Website or via the PTV xServer console!

Learn how to develop with PTV xServer!

Dear all,

PTV Group proudly presents the current version of PTV Cookbook version 1.16 R2. Following new items were added:

  • Section PTV Cookbook Help: some information about the tutorial
  • Section Miscellaneous: more relevant links to get a quick start with PTV xServer
  • Section Code Samples: new samples are integrated how to use sequencing with PTV xTour Server

We hope these enhancements fit to your requirements. Don’t hesitate to send your feedback to us.

By the way, we have recently updated the java codesamples.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto

Product Manager PTV xServer

Use Bing maps – How to insert satellite imagery

Downloading Bing map tiles from Microsoft is available for PTV Developer Components. Avoiding misunderstandings only satellite imagery is downloadable in order to combine these map tiles with PTV Maps.

The document we uploaded to the PTV Components customer area (go to customer area > PTV xServer > documents) describes what to do in order to integrate satellite imagery e.g. displaying in web applications. Prices are not being part of this document. Therefore ask your sales contact partner directly.

Online tutorials are important!

Dear all,

PTV has recently provided a new version of PTV Cookbook which is our synonym for the PTV online tutorial for PTV xServer with exercises from the daily practice.

The sections are devided as follows:

  • Basic information such as general programming topics, updated technical documention (March 2013) and a lot more.
  • Code samples for the PTV xServer portfolio such as geocoding, mapping, routing, trip planning, etc.
  • Further information about test tools, standard maps, etc.

Are you interested? Please start with the online tutorial or contact our support team for detailed information.

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto

Product Manager PTV xServer

PTV xServer .NET presentation

In yesterday’s webinar you learnt what PTV xServer .NET is, where and – very important – HOW you can use it. Today we uploaded the presentation of the session. Please login to our webinar area and click the button “Presentations & Samples” to download the document.

If you have further questions, please visit the PTV xServer .NET page.

Update: Traffic Patterns for PTV xServer

customer areaWe just uploaded PTV xServer Traffic Patterns data for PTV Europe City Map Premium 2013.1aN and 1aT. To download the data, please visit the PTV Developer Zone download area, section “Product Download/Content”.

Also an updated version of the PTV xServer Traffic Patterns Installation Guide is available (PTV Developer Zone download area, section “Product Download xServer/Documents”).