New release PTV Mapserver

PTV Mapserver is now available for download.



New features and major topics:


  • The percentage amount of Ecotaxe, which can be passed to customers is calculated and can be requested via IRouteLister6::GetSectionInfo(), by extracting the value of the key ecmNamedTollCostPercentageToPassOn.
  • New method CalcRouteSimpleSync() introduced, which returns not before a complete route calculation is executed.

Kernel (Rendering)

  • Startup times slightly improved due to an enhanced reading of geographical map data.
  • Province boundaries can be colored independently from country boundaries. The default values are already adapted to this new feature. Additionally, the province boundaries are visible, when smaller map scales are used.
  • New Roadeditor attribute “Tunnel restrictions” can be visualized in the Mapview.

For further information concerning features and bugfixes please check the release notes. Download PTV Mapserver and ReadMe file.

Keep PTV xServer rolling

Dear users,

please download the current PTV xServer (login is required). Following changes are integrated (affects version

  • PTV xLocate: Fixed detailLevelDescription for long postalcodesDownload
  • PTV xRoute: Fixed toll calculation on Tauern motorway.
  • PTV xServer WebSDK: built from current versions such as
    • PTV xLocate Server
    • PTV xMap Server
    • PTV xMapmatch Server
    • PTV xRoute Server
    • PTV xTour Server (windows only)
    • PTV xServer add-on AJAX Maps
    • Code Sample Browser

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto

Product Manager PTV xServer


Waiting for PTV xServer?

Dear all,

please notice that we have recently updated our PTV xServer 1.16. Besides some important bugfixes we have additionally released PTV xCluster Server.

Following PTV xServer are yet available at PTV’s Developer Zone:

  • PTV xTour Server (win, x64, x86, vc10)
  • PTV xMap Server (win, lnx, x64, x86, vc10, gcc4)
  • PTV xLocate Server (win, lnx. x64, x86, vc10, gcc4)
  • PTV xDima Server (win, x64, x86, vc10)
  • PTV xCluster Server (win, x86, vc10)
  • PTV xRoute Server (win, lnx, x64, x86, vc10, gcc4)

Missing PTV xMapmatch Server and PTV xServer add-on WebSDK for 1.16? We still in work to update these servers. Please, have some more patience to achieve the current versions for them.

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto

Product Management PTV xServer

It is done!


PTV Mapserver is released! Visit the customer area and find the following data for download:

PTV Mapserver SDK and InstKit

Some of the improvements and bugfixes at a glance:

  • Routing improvement: A new routing mode is introduced; Implementation of FR CO2 Decree 2013;Separated reporting of Ecotaxe and   other named toll; Ecotaxe roads can be avoided.
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