Update: Traffic Patterns for PTV xServer

customer areaWe just uploaded PTV xServer Traffic Patterns data for PTV Europe City Map Premium 2013.1aN and 1aT. To download the data, please visit the PTV Developer Zone download area, section “Product Download/Content”.

Also an updated version of the PTV xServer Traffic Patterns Installation Guide is available (PTV Developer Zone download area, section “Product Download xServer/Documents”).

You need to be strong
for what lies ahead

  • We released the PTV xServer 1.16 version this week.
  • We updated the API
  • We updated the Technical Documentation.

PTV xServer add-on

… and on top of it all we updated the following
PTV xServer add-ons this morning

  • PTV AJAX Maps
    Displaying digital maps, Various map interactions (zooming, panning, scrolling etc.), Providing an API for various applications
  • Traffic Info Loader
    You need the PTV xServer add-on Traffic Info Loader to integrate up-to-date traffic information in your applications. This information, in turn, can be displayed on digital maps, or used to improve routing and avoid traffic jams.

Updated API and Technical Documentation are waiting for you

According to the new PTV xServer 1.16 version the following online documents were updated and are waiting to be downloaded:

This manual explains the architecture, design, installation and configuration of the PTV xServer. It focuses on the aspects common to all members of the PTV xServer family. It does not cover configuration aspects of some specific PTV xServer.

Specifications for routines, data structures, object classes and variables.


PTVLogisticsBy the way …. please keep in mind to subscribe to our new Twitter channel @PTVLogistics to stay tuned!

We did it: The new release of PTV xServer is available!

The last tests were successful. So we proudly present the new release 1.16 of the PTV xServer on schedule which are now downloadable from our Developer Zone (login is required). Available for download are:

  • PTV xLocate Server
  • PTV xMap Server
  • PTV xRoute Server
  • PTV xTour Server
  • PTV xDima Server

And these are the highlights:

  • PTV xServer in general
  • 64 bit version
  • JSON interface
  • PTV xRoute Server
  • Routing in isolated areas
  • New emissions in France and Australia
  • New break and rest rules
  • PTV xTour Server
  • New break and rest rules
  • Capacity patterns
  • High performance routing

Please remember to download the new PTV Client Bundles according to the server versions.

The release 1.16 for PTV xMapmatch Server and for PTV xCluster Server is planned for February. Within the next days the PTV xServer add-ons AJAX Maps and Traffic Info Loader will be available. Of course the technical documentation will be updated, too.

New toll updates on Developer Zone for PTV xServer


Dear all,

we have new toll updates for the PTV xServer. Please notice that we have released those files for following PTV maps (for TomTom maps: We will provide the toll updates in January):

  • PTV_Europe_City_Map_Premium_2013.1aN,
  • PTV_Europe_City_Map_Premium_2012.2aN,
  • PTV_Europe_City_Map_Premium_2012.1N,
  • PTV_Europe_City_Map_Premium_2011.2aN,
  • PTV_Europe_City_Map_Premium_3_2010t_NQ

Important notes

  1. aut: new tariffs 2013
  2. deu: new toll tables from 14.10.2012
  3. gbr: new tariff for Eurotunnel, Dartford River Crossing and Dunham Bridge
  4. hrv: adaption of following tariffs: A9 (VAT), Enhancement of new toll segments on A8
  5. nld: increase of VAT in October, 2012
  6. pol: new sections on A2
  7. prt: Bugfix in map 2013.1N
  8. swe: City toll Göteborg.
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