Detailed Toll for Greece available

We activated the detailed toll layers for Greece referenced to

PTV Europe / World City Map Premium 2021.1H, today on our Layer Delivery Server (LDS). Now, it is possible to download detailed toll layers via Content Update Service (CUS).


Please remember: to use the detailed toll on premise you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Activate the detailed toll download via content update service in you xserver.conf.

core {
     contentupdates {
              content {
                  detailedToll {
                      enabled = true
                      providerNames = [ "here" ]
                      countries = [ ]

Step 2: Enable the detailed toll calculation in the xserver.conf or in your request.

xroute {
     tollOptions {
     useDetailedToll = true

The detailed toll for Greece is released for PTV xServer from version 2.18.  
Please be aware that in version 2.15 the parameter useDetailedToll is activated automatically. If you like to use the basic toll you need to set it to false.

Basic Toll Update (2020_14) Greece


This scenario replaces the previous ‘Greece June 2020’ scenario and includes new tariffs 2020 and new toll roads. 





Concerned maps


Toll Update version 2021_1H_3: PTV Europe City Map Premium 2021.1H   –   This toll update was activated for PTV xServer and PTV xServer internet 

Toll Update version 2021_1T_2: PTV Europe City Map Premium 2021.1T   –   This toll update was activated for PTV xServer. PTV xServer internet will be updated on December 14th, 2020. Please see the post regarding the updates on PTV xServer internet on our Developer Blog for further information.


Please note: This and all following toll updates will be only available via automatic update with the PTV Content Update Service.

We recommend to use PTV Content Update Server Version 2.x.
Also your current PTV xServer API Version 1 can work with PTV Content Update Server Version 2.x – using  PTV CUS xServer 1 Adapter.
For PTV Mapserver please use the PTV Toll Update Tool.

If you need further information or support please contact the support team.