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  • We released the PTV xServer 1.16 version this week.
  • We updated the API
  • We updated the Technical Documentation.

PTV xServer add-on

… and on top of it all we updated the following
PTV xServer add-ons this morning

  • PTV AJAX Maps
    Displaying digital maps, Various map interactions (zooming, panning, scrolling etc.), Providing an API for various applications
  • Traffic Info Loader
    You need the PTV xServer add-on Traffic Info Loader to integrate up-to-date traffic information in your applications. This information, in turn, can be displayed on digital maps, or used to improve routing and avoid traffic jams.

Installation and Configuration –
Updated documents available

We uploaded new documents to PTV Developer Zone:

  • Installation of x-digit Postcodes
  • POI data: Installation and Configuration
  • PTV xServer add-on Traffic Info Loader: Installation and Configuration

As registered customer go to the customer area, enter your login data and access the PTV xServer documents area.


PTV xServer add-onIf you want to learn more about the PTV xServer add-ons, visit the productworld.

Migration Guide PTV xSequence Server

As PTV customer you have access to our migration guide describing how to migrate from PTV xSequence to PTV xTour Server.

PTV xTourServerAs the PTV xSequence Server is discontinued on 01.05.2013 (see blog post) we recommend to execute the necessary steps as soon as possible. Furthermore this makes sense as the sequence optimisation engine has been completely redesigned and integrated into the PTV xTour Server.

To download the Migration Guide please go to the customer area of Developer Zone, log in and visit the PTV xServer area, sub-page “Documents”.

WebinarePlease check our webinar area on regular basis, as a webinar (expected in January 2013) concerning the migration to PTV xTour Server will be offered. Of course this will also be announced on this blog and Twitter.

Traffic Info Loader
update available

In order to use the Dynamic Traffic Information the so called Traffic Info Loader (TIL) has to be installed before. Today we updated to Traffic Info Loader version 2.0.0.

New features and improvements:

  • New way of addressing the VI-server at PTV
  • Added two new mandatory parameters (user and appname) to the properties. This is for logging reasons.
  • Added files for accessing an MS SQL Server or Derby database server.

To download the new version please visit the PTV DevelopersZone. As registered customer go to “Develop & Update”, enter your login data and access the “Clients & Servlets” area.

We also uploaded two new documents to the “Documents” area:

  • Using Traffic Information with the PTV xServer
  • Manual for installation and configuration of PTV xServer add-on Traffic Info Loader

If you want to learn more about Traffic information within PTV Developer Components, read the post linked here.

Important Note for PTV MapServer customers

For customers using toll data with PTV MapServer 5.6 and higher a new document is available. It’s very important to read the document before installing the toll data updates!

As PTV MapServer customer you have access to the document on the PTV Developer Zone. Go to “Updates & Downloads”, enter your login data and go to tab “toll data valid from version 5.6”