ALC Forum 2015 “Delivering for Australia”

PTV Group is looking forward to participating in the ALC Forum 2015 on 10-12 March in Melbourne.

We recognise the significance of the Logistics industry to the Australian economy, and as a provider of logistics software solutions are pleased we can assist the industry to increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve customer service. The impact of these solutions is significant: an increase in Logistics total factor productivity of 1% could increase the GDP by $2 billion(1).


Joost Bekker, Business Development Director at PTV Asia Pacific

Joost Bekkerwill be participating in the ALC Forum. He is available to discuss the specific benefits logistic software solutions can deliver to your company and industry.

Please e-mail us on and we will contact you to arrange to meet during the ALC Forum.




(1)The Economic Significance of the Australian Logistics Industry (Australian Logistics Council – ACIL ALLEN Consulting 2014)

PTV Group joins the Future Logistics Living Lab Australia

PTV Group is proud to become a participant in the Future Logistics Living Lab Australia. In the Lab, one won’t find men in white coats, but rather an interactive demonstration space for cutting-edge technologies and a living community of industry, research and government experts. These sectors work together to find innovative solutions to operational challenges facing the Australian logistics industry. The Lab also provides a productive platform to de-velop, test and demonstrate new technologies. PTV Group’s participation in the Lab clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to supporting research into future-oriented logistic solutions.


Neil Temperley, Manager of the Future Logistics Living Lab, and Joost Bekker, Business Development Director at PTV Asia Pacific, met at the Lab

New in the Australian logistics industry

“It is a vote of confidence,” says Joost Bekker, Business Development Director at PTV Asia Pacific, about PTV Group’s participation in the Lab. “The lab looks to bring together leading industry participants. PTV Group can bring tangible experience and innovative technology to support the lab in developing new solutions.”

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