PTV xServer internet at Eastern Asia Region

From the beginning PTV xServer internet provides geographic services for Europe, North America and Australia. Now PTV xServer internet also makes geographic services available for China and Japan.


Start immediately and use PTV xServer internet to find a location or address in China and Japan. Calculate simple routes and display them in the map. There are some differences in comparison to the standard xServer internet service:

  • PTV xLocate Server supports basic geocoding, reverse geocoding and the query of speed limits.
  • PTV xRoute Server supports basic routing, matrix routing and bulk requests. Toll and emissions are not supported.
  • PTV xMap Server supports the rendering of the base map and additional content can be rendered on different layers client-side. PTV xServer add on AJAX Maps isn’t supported but you have the possibility to use WMS, Tile or PTV xServer .NET API at Eastern Asia Region.

See here the differences in comparison to the standard xServer internet services:

You can use the following demos for a first insight.
China: Demo 1 Demo 2  Japan: Demo 1 Demo 2

Get your test access for PTV xServer internet now:

Announcement of discontinuation of PTV Maps 2013

We would like to let you know that PTV GROUP will be discontinuing the PTV Maps version 2013 as listed below on 01/01/2015. From then onwards, we will no longer provide updates and support for those versions which have been released for PTV xServer and PTV Mapserver. Please notice that this discontinuation includes detailed, extracted and transit maps and the corresponding data content such as traffic patterns, truck attributes, POIs, toll scenarios, ID mappings, etc. if available. New map versions are already provided by PTV (see presentation at our web-site).

Following PTV Maps will be discontinued on 01/01/2015:

PTV Map Version Maps & Data Provider
PTV Europe City Map Premium 2013.1N, 2013.1aN, 2013.2N2013.1T, 2013.1aT, 2013.2T Navteq, AND andTomTom
PTV Europe + DOM City Map Premium 2012.2N and earlier Navteq and AND
PTV North America City Map 2013.N, 2013.T Navteq and TomTom
PTV South America City Map 2013 Navteq
PTV Australia City Map 2013 Navteq
PTV World Map 2013 AND
PTV Southern Africa City Map 2013 TomTom
PTV SouthEast Asia City Map 2013 TomTom
PTV Arabia City Map 2013 Navteq

Why are the PTV Maps being phased out?

The PTV Maps are constantly being enhanced. Many new and improved functions or content have been integrated at the request of our customers. In addition, you will have noticed that a maintenance contract on the current versions pays off, as it offers a better data coverage. It also guarantees that you remain up-to-date – a basic prerequisite for day-to-day operations. PTV Group is therefore meeting the growing requirements of its clients. The current maps therefore create the perfect conditions to visualize your business applications.

Brand-new maps and content for Europe available

sandbox_overviewFor Europe we produce twice a year new maps (from a PTV xServer point of view the main release in autumn and the intermediate release in spring). As nature blooms there is now the intermediate release of our Europe maps for the year 2014 available:

  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2014.2H
    This map is mainly based on the raw data provider HERE (“H”). Up to now you know this map as “N” (NAVTEQ). As the data provider introduces the new brand HERE, we also change the name of the map from now on.
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2014.2T
    This map is mainly based on the raw data provider TomTom (“T”).

KarteA lot of content like speed limits or toll is already part of the maps, but some content is not included. Please note that we deliver this content separately:

  • POI Data
    This content comprises geographical objects like hotels, restaurants or petrol stations.
  • Truck Attributes
    This content allows a truck specific routing e.g. to consider the size, weight or loaded cargo of the truck.
  • Traffic Patterns
    This content represents traffic flows during the day e.g. to consider the rush hour in the morning and evening. You can download the traffic patterns form the customer area of the PTV Developer Zone.

The delivery of the PTV maps and content depends on your license agreement. This applies especially for the intermediate release of the maps. In case of any doubts please contact your sales representative.

New patch is available for toll data using transit level network

Dear all,

PTV would like to let you know that patches are available for toll calculation using following PTV Maps on transit level (using PTV xServer and PTV Mapserver):

Relevant Map packages
2014.1N (Navteq)
  • Single IUs such as Germany, France etc.

Download is not necessary when PTV Europe City Map Premium is in total use.

Toll data is missing for Andorra and Czech Republic. But this has an impact on total toll calculation.
2014.1T (TomTom)
  • Single IUs such as Germany, France etc.

Download is not necessary when PTV Europe City Map Premium is in total use.

Toll data is missing for Italy using transit level.

Please notice that we have updated the PTV Developer Zone. A new patch area is selectable for downloads using PTV xServer and PTV Mapserver as follows:

PTV xServer and PTV Mapserver:



For further information, please contact your representative support

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto


Product Manager PTV xServer

Amendment: Dynamic Traffic Information of HERE (Poland, Norway)

PTVs provider for Dynamic Traffic Information HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) informed us in very short time frame that they will change the Traffic Feed for POL and NOR. They will discontinue the current feeds for these countries 1st of January 2014. This change will be effective 30th  December at PTVs traffic platforms. The new feed for POL will deliver enhanced Dynamic Traffic Information. But for NOR, the new feed will first contain slow traffic information only. However, we expect to get editorial messages like road works or road blocks in the messages back in the feed.