Important release PTV xMapmatch available

Version of PTV xMapmatch Server was released.

PTV xMapmatch ServerWe solved a bug in the PTV xMapmatch Server as the server didn’t start with the new PTV Europe City Map Premium 2014.1N. That means if you want to use this map, you also have to update the PTV xMapmatch Server to the version or newer. Older server versions are not compatible with the NAVTEQ Europe City Map Premium from 2014.1 on. Please note that there is no impact on TomTom or other NAVTEQ maps (e.g. North America).

Sorry for the inconveniences which we might have caused. If you need any information or support please contact the Support Team.

Download PTV xMapmatch Server (login required)

Mapmatching is going to be a great help


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Dear all,

Discover our new PTV Mapmatch Server 64-bit for Linux and Windows which we have recently updated to version

Following servers are provided via DevZone (select customer area but notice that your login is required):

  • PTV Mapmatch Server Linux-x86-gcc4
  • PTV Mapmatch Server1.16.0.0 Linux-x64-gcc4
  • PTV Mapmatch Server Windows-x86-vc10
  • PTV Mapmatch Server Windows-x64-vc10

Discover the new features:

  • TrackPosition and MatchedLocation have a new attribute: coordinate.
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PTV xMapmatch Server is ready for download!

A new version of PTV xMapmatch Server is available for download.

With version several improvements and bugfixes were implemented. For further information please check the release notes.

Please remember to download the new client bundle according to the server versions!

Presentation of PTV xMapMatch Server webinar

Many thanks to Joost Claessen (PTV NL) and Bernd Welter for yesterday’s moderation!

The Presentation and samples are now available for download  (section “xRadio Webinars / Documents & Samples / PTV xServer only”). If you want to access documents and samples of past sessions, you need to be a registered PTV Developer Zone Forum user and logged in.