Presentation Webinar “PTV xMapMatch Server”

Presentation of last xRadio Webinar “PTV xMapMatch Servernow available for download.

We also provide the code sample used during the session. It is just a very quick approach to PTV xMapMatch – do not expect too much from it 😉 The samples can be downloaded from our PTV DevelopersZone Forum (PTV xServer Forum > PTV xMapMatch Server > CodeSample xMapMatch ).

It is provided as a complete Visual Studio 2010 project together with a sample input file. Please configure at least the location of the input file and the service addresses.

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For further information concerning PTV xMapMatch Server see post of June 2011.

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Next session:  Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No idea what the PTV xMapMatch Server respectively Tracking Premium means? See the Fact Sheet on our website (“More information” area) to inform you: English version, German version

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New generation of Tracking – the PTV xMapMatch Server

The PTV xMapMatch Server validates and corrects a string of received GPS coordinates (tracks) using the underlying street map. This refined data can be processed with other applications, for example with the PTV xRoute Server. When interacting like this, the PTV xMapMatch Server forms the basis of performance and compliance measurement.


  • Correction of inaccurate GPS signals (tracks).
  • Inclusion of map data (tunnels, bans, etc.).
  • Two modes with many options:
    Map comparison of each individual GPS point without considering previous positions.
    Comparison while considering extended logistics (history, direction, speed etc.).
  • Plausibility check (History / Crawler)
  • Recognition of standstill
  • Dense (second intervals) and sparse signals (minute intervals) processable.



The PTV xMapMatch Server verifies external position details (normally GPS tracks) and cleans up  GPS inaccuracies. The actually driven routes are returned in a format relevant to the digital map. This data is the basis for a number of transport-related variance analyses in a data warehouse context:

  • Detailed check of toll calculations and subcontractor invoicing.
  • Later calculation of actually caused emissions.
  • Analysis of routes taken and driver behaviour (fuel consumption, speeding, break times etc.).

PTV xMapMatch Server also enables evaluation of the extent to which the actually driven transport movements differ from the original planning (e.g. with PTV xRoute or PTV xTour Server). It forms an important element in “pay-as-you-drive” scenarios (toll, insurance,taxes) and can – with a sufficient amount of input data – form the basis of speed line graphs. With the PTV xMapMatch Server it is also possible to process the driven routes which will be exchanged between the users of navigation communities.


Integration with other systems is performed over standardised web service interfaces (XML, SOAP). PTV xMapMatch Server is scalable and actively supports multi-processor systems.

Want to see more?

PTV xMapMatch Server is in BETA stadium and is going to be released in July 2011.

If you are interested in testing the PTV-hosted BETA version please leave a comment or contact us via email (

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