PTV xServer internet Update – PTV Europe City Map [Here] / TLN cluster with API Version 1

We plan to perform maintenance on April, 28th 2021 that does not require any downtime.
The following tasks will be completed in the scope of this maintenance.

PTV Europe City Map [Here] / TLN – production – cluster with API version 1:

  • PTV xServer update to version 1.30.0
  • Map update form PTV Europe City Map version 2021.1H to version 2021.2H.

Please test your application on the already updated test system and report any problem immediately.

PTV xServer internet update – NEW PTV Europe City Map [Here] cluster with API Version 1

We like to inform you that we now provide a new cluster with PTV Europe City Map from Here. This cluster is available with PTV xServer API Version 1.

You can now find the new map cluster listed in our cluster overview on our PTV xServer internet Developer guide.

We provide an equal feature set like we already do for the PTV Europe City Map (TomTom) cluster.

You can find the following services available on this cluster:

  • xMap
  • xLocate
  • xRoute
  • xMapmatch
  • xTour

We provide the following High Performance Routing (hpr) profiles on this cluster:

  • hpr-car.xml
  • hpr-transporter-xml
  • hpr-truck-40t-ta.xml
  • hpr-truck-40t.xml

If you like to read more about hpr technology an profiles have a look at our High Performance Routing description on our PTV xServer internet Developer guide.