PTV xServer Version 2 – OS requirement update for Linux hosts

We are now working on the upcoming xServer Version 2.23.
These version is the first containing compiler updates for Windows and Linux.

On windows Systems, there are no updated requirements, since the xServer2 compiled with VC16 is backwards compatible.

Running PTV xServer2 on a Linux host, there is the following to consider:

The PTV xServer2 compiled with gcc 9.3 is not backwards compatible to older Linux systems anymore.

We build and test the PTV xServer2 on Ubuntu 20.04 and therefore also recommend to use this.
PTV xServer 2.23 and following require gcc 9.3 with a 5.4.0 kernel running on Ubuntu 20.04. 

Since our current PTV xServer2 already on Ubuntu 20.04 you can do a system upgrade anytime before upgrading your xServer.

Webinar – Introduction to Detailed Toll calculation

TSCHAKKA! We started our 2021 PTV Developer Components webinar series last Tuesday. The German kickoff session was a success and we will provide an English session next Tuesday, April 20th (10:00 CEST).

Tomasz Lotocki, Bernd Welter and Maximilian Vogel will introduce you into the new DETAILED TOLL which is now providing access to  

  • Improved handling of time dependent toll
  • Alternative payment methods
  • Distance matrices with persistent travel time, distance and toll
  • And more

Feel free to register at !

If you have questions about detailed toll provide them in advance to and we will prepare them.

PTV xServer internet update – PTV World City Map Cluster with API Version 2

We would like to inform you that we plan to perform maintenance on the PTV xServer 2 cluster with PTV World City Map [Here] on December 7th, 2020 and December 16th 2020.

The following tasks will be completed in the scope of this maintenance:

  • December 7th, 2020: PTV xServer update to PTV xServer 2.21
  • December 16th 2020: Change of configuration for toll calculation
    We will change the default toll calculation to “Detailed Toll”. That means that you get the detailed toll automatically, when requesting toll in the route calculation. We can do this step, because the coverage of detailed toll now has reached the level of the basic toll. There is only one exception: If you like to calculate toll in Australia, you have to set the parameter useDetailedToll = false in the request to get still the basic toll for Australia. That is necessary until Australia will be updated with the detailed toll as well.

The test system was updated already, please test your application during the test phase and report any faults immediately.