Live traffic information in TX-CONNECT with PTV xServer

TransicsTransics ( supplies advanced solutions for truck and trailer management throughout Europe using modern telematics technology. One of its many customers is Verhoek Europe, an international transport company with a fleet of 350 vehicles.

The integration of PTV‘s new components in the most recent version of Transics‘  TX-CONNECT back-office software has given Verhoek many more options.

”TX-CONNECT‘s new capabilities make planners‘ work much easier and eliminate all kinds of issues.“ (Leo ten Veen, International Transport Planner at Verhoek Europe)

“PTV is a driven and results-oriented partner – two values which are also of great
importance at Transics.” (Jeffrey Baljet, Operations manager, Transics)

“Our customers increasingly require up-to-the-minute information on their
consignments.” (Erik Hattem, Head of Human Resources, Verhoek Europe)

If you want to read more about the application PTV xServer is used in, you’ll find the complete success story of Transics and Verhoek Europe on the developer product world:

Meeting critical delivery deadlines

Since 1983 the Express Kurier Europa GmbH group ( has stood for transport services out of one hand. They dispose of a professional and permanently available fleet of various vehicles. Urgent and
time-sensitive deliveries are their core business.


Three of PTV‘s xServer tools meet all the requirements of Express Kurier.

“We were switching to the TomTom Business telematics system, so we decided to extend our dispotex software to a professional and complete high-end solution by integrating several external components. We got the map material, i. e. TomTom, and several features for route planning and calculation from PTV. And PTV‘s xServers take care of reverse geocoding the position data received from trucks and transporters. This ensures that our headquarters always know the current position of each of our vehicles.”
(Angela Seitz, Director of IT Express Kurier Europa)

If you want to read more about the application PTV xServer is used in, you’ll find the complete success story of Express Kurier Europa GmbH on the developer product world:

Waste disposal well managed with PTV xServer

R.O.N.A. Systems ( has been working on mobile real-time data collection and analysis systems since 1986.
Today the company is market leader of ERP systems for the waste disposal sector in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Its products ConTec, EcoFleet and EasyTime set the standards for waste management industry: automatic linkage of fleet data with ERP and logistics data, e.g., allow for profit margin per order calculation. The unique integration of telematics and mobile systems into their products has made R.O.N.A. a strong parter of over 500 customers worldwide.

If you want to read more about the application PTV xServer is used in, you’ll find the complete success story of R.O.N.A. Systems on the developer product world:

Heavy goods transport made easy: Routes without restrictions


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Today we want to introduce how interLAN Poland integrated PTV xServer.

interLAN (visit website) is a specialist for the development of IT systems for transport, carriage by sea and logistics. The integrated transport logistics software interLAN SPEED optimises fleet management, supports cargo planning and optimisation and assists transport managers in managing part and full truck loads and calculating journey times.… Read more

Acteos TMS integrates the PTV xServers components

The editor Acteos S.A.,  offers software solutions in the fields of production, transport, warehousing and product services, which improve productivity and quality while minimizing costs. Among these solutions, the Acteos TMS software is the solution dedicated to organize and manage transport activity.

Historical customer of PTV Loxane, Acteos chose to integrate the PTV xServers components to the last version of his TMS software.

In parallel of the numerous evolutions added to the software since 3 years, Acteos integrates the PTV xServers in order to improve performances of geocoding, distance calculation and data restitution on the map.

Evolutions for the future: “The PTV xServers components are precious tools that we include in the evolution of our solutions. The new transport functionalities will use more strongly PTV xServers, as for geomarketing, route design…”, explains Pierre-Jacques EVRARD, Senior SCM Consultant for Acteos.

See more about Acteos S.A. (English website) and PTV Loxane (French website)

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One million freight transport orders annually, with each invoice reporting the precise order-related amount of CO2 emissions. To achieve this high level of service, Hermes Transport Logistics relies on solutions from PTV. Experience how the PTV Developer Components enable this precise emissions calculation.

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