What we’ve got is gold!

The PTV Group, which has recently become a Gold Associate Member of the Road Haulage Association (RHA), is expanding its activities in the UK.

The RHA (visit website or blog) is a trade association which represents members of the road haulage industry, together with allied businesses. It provides expert advice and support for its members. “Profitability, compliance and sustainability in the road transport industry are our key focus points. We have found that PTV Group offering is relevant to our members, giving them a good starting point for promoting green logistics,” says Richard Ellithorne, Director of Operations, RHA.

James de Roo and Martin Dean

James de Roo, Business Development Manager UK, PTV Group, and Martin Dean, Key Account Manager, RHA.

“The RHA is one of the UK’s most respected associations for road hauliers. The opportunity to become a Gold Associate member is pivotal for PTV in reaching UK’s largest base of logistic providers and an honour for us as well. With ongoing sales success across our product portfolio and a continuing strong interest in our optimisation solutions, we look forward to expanding our market presence,”says James de Roo, Business Development Manager UK, PTV Group.