We did it: The new release of PTV xServer is available!

The last tests were successful. So we proudly present the new release 1.16 of the PTV xServer on schedule which are now downloadable from our Developer Zone (login is required). Available for download are:

  • PTV xLocate Server
  • PTV xMap Server
  • PTV xRoute Server
  • PTV xTour Server
  • PTV xDima Server

And these are the highlights:

  • PTV xServer in general
  • 64 bit version
  • JSON interface
  • PTV xRoute Server
  • Routing in isolated areas
  • New emissions in France and Australia
  • New break and rest rules
  • PTV xTour Server
  • New break and rest rules
  • Capacity patterns
  • High performance routing

Please remember to download the new PTV Client Bundles according to the server versions.

The release 1.16 for PTV xMapmatch Server and for PTV xCluster Server is planned for February. Within the next days the PTV xServer add-ons AJAX Maps and Traffic Info Loader will be available. Of course the technical documentation will be updated, too.