High-Performance Routing with PTV xRoute

PTVxRouteServerFinally, High-Performance Routing (HPR) becomes available for PTV xRoute with the next release 1.20.1 in August.

HPR is based on pre-calculated routing networks that use a pre-defined map and route calculation profile instead of conventional road networks. Using pre-calculated routing networks may be less flexible, but provides a huge advantage in accessing times. Especially for large distance matrix calculation instances, the speed-up is crucial.HPR

Already now, HPR is available for PTV xDima, PTV xTour and PTV xTerritory. You can have a look at the PTV xServer Manual about High-Performance Routing.

WebinarFurther information will follow in our webinar about the PTV xServer release 1.20.1 in August. You can also contact the Support Team.

New release of PTV xRoute Server and Traffic Info Loader available

X-Route_Server_80x80The new release of the PTV xRoute Server is available. It contains bugfixes. A performance issue in the routing algorithm in case of certain bonus values (-99) in the router profile is now fixed.


PTV_X-Server_Add-ons_80x80Also the new Traffic Info Loader 3.2.2 comes along with new bugfixes. Lost database connections are now always reopened. Additionaly, support for Oracle and MySQL is added to the new version.


Please download the latest versions from the Customer Area via PTV Developer Zone (login is required).

Fresh from the press: New feature layer for North America

PTVxRouteServerSince PTV xRoute Server 1.17 our new technology feature layer is available. It was designed and developed for an easy use of varied data content in the context of route planning.

We just uploaded the new feature layer data for PTV North America City 2014N. To download the data, please visit the PTV Developer Zone customer area, section “Product Download / Feature Layer”. There you will find the following layers:

  • Time Zones FL: Time zones information (prerequisite for all time dependent feature layer like Traffic Patterns FL)
  • Preferred Routes FL: Road networks to be prioritized (e.g. for trucks with special loads or heavy vehicles)
  • Traffic Patterns FL: Time dependent speeds of road networks (computed from historical traffic statistics)

More different feature layers and the data for PTV Europe City Map will follow in the future.

Take another sip for 1.18


To use all features of the recently released PTV xServer 1.18 (BETA), there is some more information worth to know:


  • Plot an elevation profile along a calculated route. The PTV xRoute Server provides the height information for each segment. As the height data is at the moment not included in the map, we provide it separately at the customer area of the PTV Developer Zone (login is required) for the PTV Europe City Map Premium. In case of using this height data, there is no extra license required.
  • Enable the new Dima-ID handling for multi-tenant operating systems. The PTV xDima and xTour Server are extended to alphanumerical Dima-IDs. If you want to reuse persisted distance matrices (e.g. a reference matrix) from previous versions in version 1.18, you have to convert the matrices first. An appropriate migration guide including a batch script is available in the ‘Documents’ section of the customer area.

Any further questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our PTV xServer Support Team.

New release PTV xRoute Server available

Version 17.0.3 of PTV xRoute Server was released.


  • Added attributes to the DriverSettings element which enable the client to disable specific rules of the DriverRegulations.

PTV_xTour_ServerFor further information please check the release notes. If you need any information or support please contact the Support Team.

Download PTV xRoute Server 17.0.3 (login required)

Read, Meet and Greet

Joost Bekker published the following article in the professional journal MHD Supply Chain Solutions. He is the business development director, Asia Pacific, for the logistics software solutions division of PTV Group.

mhd Supply Chain Solutions

Routing and scheduling:
More powerful and more available than ever

Read and meet – Joost Bekker is looking forward to meeting you at CeBIT Australia.

You can’t join us at CeBIT? Nevertheless reading his journal-article will be of interest for you. Promise. 🙂