The completely new way of discovering PTV xServers


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[Edit: 27.9.2012: Updated JSON API blog article]

(The following article refers to the Code Sample Browser on the 
Developer Zone website and was provided by Matthias David, developer 
Logistics Components Server. Thank you!)



With the code sample browser, PTV has created a new way of discovering PTV xServers.… Read more

Update for Benchmarking the PTV xServer using JMeter and PTV xServerRequestRunner

Please find the necessary data mentioned in the ‘Basic Setup’ section of this blog entry on our Developer Zone here to run the PTV xServerRequestRunner as described: Download of test data.

The archives contain a CSV file and a SOAP-XML-Request template for PTV xMap Server, PTV xLocate Server and PTV xRoute Server so tests can be performed with all those servers the same way the article describes the benchmarking for PTV xRoute Server.

PTV xServer 1.14: Please find the PTV xServerRequestRunner in the directory tools/requestrunner in the root folder of your installation.

PTV xServer 1.12 or earlier: The PTV xServerRequestRunner.class file can be found in the directory test.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the misleading directories mentioned in this blog!

Yesterday’s Webinar –
What a session!

Yesterday you learned how to make a racing car out of your PTV xServer. Thanks to Alexander and Bernd for this super interesting session ….

The Presentation and Testtools are now available for download  (section “PTV xServer only”).

If you want to access documents and samples of past sessions, you need to be a registered PTV Developer Zone Forum user and logged in.