Learn how to develop with PTV xServer!

Dear all,

PTV Group proudly presents the current version of PTV Cookbook version 1.16 R2. Following new items were added:

  • Section PTV Cookbook Help: some information about the tutorial
  • Section Miscellaneous: more relevant links to get a quick start with PTV xServer
  • Section Code Samples: new samples are integrated how to use sequencing with PTV xTour Server

We hope these enhancements fit to your requirements. Don’t hesitate to send your feedback to us.

By the way, we have recently updated the java codesamples.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto

Product Manager PTV xServer

Meet PTV xTour Server personally

Tomorrow (March 7th, 2013) Bernd Welter and Hansjörg Back will hold an online presentation on PTV xTour Server.

The following topics will be subject of the webinar:

  • Overview of object categories
  • Method overview
  • Planning scenarios
  • Additional constraints
    – time based
    – quantity based
    – skill based
  • Demonstration high performance routing

Take the opportunity – the moderator team is ready to answer your questions in a live chat in parallel to the presenation  – free of charge and without obligation 🙂

Further information and registration ….

An awesome toy for PTV xTour starters: The new code samples

Dear customers,

today I would like to to draw your attention to a rework and extension of our

Test & DiscoverCode Sample Browser

We made a layout change, implementing a navigation menu with the entries sample, code and description at the bottom of the samples’ tabs.

Next to this we added two new code samples:

PTV xTour ServerBasic and advanced tour planning
with PTV xTour 1.16

The simple to use graphic interface of the tour planning samples offers the following possibilities:

  • Generate randomly a sample depot and orders for the tour planning.
  • Make small experiments
    • with stop and vehicle parameters.
    •  with restrictions and algorithm parameters (advanced sample).
  •  Watch the planning results directly in the map.
  • Take a detailed look on the results in the tour tables (advanced sample).
  • And, of course, get direct access to the code in the editor.

However, of course this is not the last step belonging to the Code Sample Browser. The tool is always in motion through a continuing development making small usability improvements as well as integrating new code samples and implemeting new ideas.

Observing the Code Sample Browser from time to time you would find smaller or bigger changes we hope you’ll enjoy.


How to migrate to PTV xTour Server 1.16

As PTV customer you have access to our migration guide describing how to migrate from PTV xTour Server 1.14 to 1.16 including data structure changes and information concerning the API in detail.

On the PTV Developer Zone customer area, enter your login data and access the “PTV xServer / Documents” area.

For any questions please