The completely new way of discovering PTV xServers


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[Edit: 27.9.2012: Updated JSON API blog article]

(The following article refers to the Code Sample Browser on the 
Developer Zone website and was provided by Matthias David, developer 
Logistics Components Server. Thank you!)



With the code sample browser, PTV has created a new way of discovering PTV xServers.… Read more

PTV proudly presents …

… the first official tutorial for PTV Developer Components in YouTube.



Watching the video you will find a lot of meaningful instructions for installing PTV Developer Components.

  • How to install PTV xServer and PTV Maps?
  • What additional keys do I need to run PTV xServer?
  • Do I have to configure something?
  • Can I start PTV xServer as services?
  • How can I check that PTV xServer run correctly?

Use the video to find the answers! We would be pleased to receive your feedback about the video. Do you think it is a proper instrument to enhance our software documentation?

We would like to extend the manuals explaining typical use cases. This should be a comfortable guide (easy to listen) to learn more about the use of our developer components.

Please post a comment, write in our forum or send an email! It’s up to you if PTV speeds up the efforts to create more videos showing different use cases in the context of geo-services, field force optimization, trip planning, track and tracing, navigation and a lot more.

Yours sincerly

Dr. Michael Nutto
Product Manager of PTV Developer Commponents