Ready for web applications?

Dear all,

PTV has released its combined PTV xServer add-on WebSDK version last week which is now online at our website “Product download“. Please notice that a login is required otherwise apply directly a test version.

The server is runnable for following operation systems:

  • Windows, x64, vc10
  • Windows, x86, vc10
  • Linux, x64, gcc4
  • Linux, x86, gcc4

This server combines a set of PTV xServer and add-ons such as

  • PTV xLocate Server
  • PTV xMap Server
  • PTV xMapmatch Server
  • PTV xRoute Server
  • PTV xTour Server
  • add-on AJAX Maps
  • CodeSampleBrowser

This server was built to combine powerful features from the PTV xServer family in one framework with smart interfaces and tutorials especially for web applications.

Are you curious? Please order a DVD directly from your responsible sales person or contact our support team.

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto

Product Manager PTV xServer