PTV xServer .NET presentation

In yesterday’s webinar you learnt what PTV xServer .NET is, where and – very important – HOW you can use it. Today we uploaded the presentation of the session. Please login to our webinar area and click the button “Presentations & Samples” to download the document.

If you have further questions, please visit the PTV xServer .NET page.

.NET’s birthday is coming up!


On February 13th, 2002, the initial release of Microsoft ®  .NET Framework was born.

Right on time for the 11th anniversary we offer a webinar on
PTV xServer for .NET applications:

Register for WebinarIntroduction of PTV xServer .NET

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
16.00 – 17.00 CEST


The moderators present the following topics for advanced users:

  • PTV xServer .NET
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Presentation: New features
PTV xServer 1.16

Yesterday’s webinar was a great moment in our webinar life! The moderators shared their experience and knowledge with the participants and after the session they had that broad grin of happiness in their faces 🙂

The agenda included

  1. PTV xServer 1.16 in general (64-Bit, JSON)
  2. PTV xRoute 1.16  (Routing in isolated areas, new emissions in France and Australia, new break and rest rules)
  3. PTV xTour 1.16 (New break and rest rules, capacity patterns, road editor support, high performance routing)
  4. Prospects (Outlook for the coming release)

Go to webinar areaThe presentation of yesterday’s webinar is available for download here. If you want to access documents and samples of past sessions, you need to login to the webinar area.

Our experts wait in the wings again …

You want to learn about PTV xServer 1.16? About new features? Isolated areas, JSON, high performance routing and much more?

Take the chance and learn personally and free of charge – from your own desk! In our entry level online seminar, our experts will demonstrate PTV xServer’s new features.


Register for our webinar on PTV xServer on Thursday, January 31, 16.00 CEST.




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Webinar : Découvrir les composants PTV xServer

Les composants PTV xServer concentrent le savoir-faire et l’expérience de PTV Group dans le domaine des cartes numériques, du géocodage, du calcul d’itinéraires, de l’optimisation de tournées, du suivi de flotte…
Conçus selon une architecture modulaire, ces composants s’intègrent très facilement dans votre application.
WebinarPour découvrir les composants PTV xServer et leurs nouveautés, inscrivez-vous vite à la présentation en ligne mardi 29 janvier à 11h: Programme + Informations Pratiques