xServer API Version 2 – Getting trucks and trailers sorted

In xServer API Version 1 there are several truck profiles available:

  • truckfast, truckslow:
    3 axles, length 12m, without a separate trailer (actually based on a 7,5t box truck
  • several product specific truck40t profiles:
    5 axles, length 18m, with a separate trailer (a 3axle box truck with a 2 axle trailer)

With xServer API Version 2 we provide two 40t truck vehicle profiles:

  • truck40t:
    5 axles, length 16,5m, without a separate trailer (tractor with semi-trailer)
  • trailertruck:
    articulated train with 5 axles, total length 18,75m, tractor with a separate trailer

The default vehicle is defined as the most common vehicle in this weight category – the semi-trailer. This corresponds with the “truck40t” vehicle profile.

Unfortunately we didn’t notice until now, that especially the description of the truck40t differs in these two xServer API versions.
To be more consistent we now swapped these two profile names “trailertruck” and “truck40t” in xServer API Version 2 – starting from the current Version 2.13.

So now, with xServer API Version 2.13 the two 40t truck vehicle profiles are:
– truck40t: articulated train with 5 axles, total length 18,75m, 3 axle tractor with a separate 2 axle trailer
– trailertruck: 5 axles, total length 16,5m, without a separate trailer (tractor with semi-trailer)


So what will happen to my application?

Presumably not much, since the speed profile and most physical attributes and dimensions are equal in both profiles. The only things which changed are:
– total length of the vehicle (very few truck attributes refer to this)
– number of Trailers
– Separate empty weights of tractors and trailer

When you use “default” nothing changes. Since the default stays a semi-trailer. Now equivalent to the “trailertruck” vehicle profile instead of the “truck40t”.

When you refer to “truck40t”, it is now an articulated truck with a trailer.

When you refer to “trailertruck”, it is now a semi-trailer.

PTV xServer 1.24 now available

Our new PTV xServer 1.24 release is available NOW!


Besides several Bugfixes, Improvements and some Features, the Highlights of the 1.24 Version are:

PTV xRoute Server: With the new xRoute 1.24, the time zone of the start and destination point of a route is determined automatically if no time zone is set.

PTV xMap Server: Several displaying improvements and some new icons.

PTV xTour Server: As an additional vehicle restriction you can set the maximum distance per tour. With this you can plan tours for example with electric powered vehicles with a maximum reach.

See the 1.24 Release Notes for more details.

The PTV xServer 1.24 can be downloaded from the customer area Downloadof the PTV Developer Zone. If you need further information or support please contact the Support Team.


PTV xServer 2.1 now available

we proudly present our PTV xServer 2.1.0 release with seven services in total. In addition to the well-known geographic services xMap, xLocate and xRoute with significant further progress, we offer the brand-new logistics services xDima, xCluster, xTour and xLoad.

For on-premise solutions you have two possibilities to pick up our “Christmas present” at:

For cloud solutions we provide a test system based on this release. It contains the PTV xServer 2.1 release plus all future and finished changes for the next release:

Some notes:

  • The PTV xServer 2 requires a 2017.1 map or newer.
  • The corresponding geocoding data for on-premise solutions is on request as it is not included in the map (for running xLocate). On the other hand this data is installed for cloud solutions.
  • the test system on xServer internet has PTV Europe City Map 2017.1 (HERE) installed and at the moment we still host the geographic services only. All seven services and a productive system will follow.

For details about the services you find the corresponding release notes here:

Last but not least we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

PTV xServer 1.22 – out NOW!

Our new PTV xServer 1.22 release is available NOW!

Highlights of the new 1.22 Version:

featurelayerPTV xServer: With the upcoming Europe City Map 2016.2 we will introduce a new Feature Layer Truck Waiting times. This first version will include the waiting times at toll booths. As soon as the Feature layer is available you can use it for predictive routing and display the waiting times in the map.

Toll ScenarioPTV xRoute Server: With the new xRoute 1.22, the Belgium Toll valid from 01.04.2016 can be calculated respecting the three different toll regions. The NGA emission factors for Australia are updated to the 2015 version. There is a new way for exception path input using an intersecting line.

PTV xMapMatch Server: Improved global matching by when driving PTV xMapmatch Serverwith low speed, comming from off-road or when the GPS tracks ends.


At thiWebinarss point we would like to inform you of our Webinar taking place March, 3th 2016 where we will demonstrate the new features of PTV xServer 1.22.

First service release for PTV xServer available:

For PTV xMap, PTV xRoute and PTV xDima there is a first service release available. Update now and get the following improvements:

PTV xMap

  • PTV xMap ServerBugfix: FeatureLayer pixel coordinates refer to top-left not to buttom-left.
  • Bugfix: FeatureLayer consider the profile language.
  • Bugfix: Disabling/Enabling StaticLayer works as intended.

PTV xRoute

  • PTVxRouteServerBugfix: The manoeuver description considers the language for street and junction names.

 PTV xDima

  • PTV_xDima_Server_80x80Bugfix: Exporting matrices to binary files on linux creates files with the correct size.


The updated PTV xServer can be downloaded from the customer area of the PTV Developer Zone.