PTV xServer 1.17: A new licence file is recommended


Dear all,

I would like to inform you that a new licence file is recommended with our upcoming PTV xServer release 1.17 (expected for next week) in order to use the latest features.

Type Version Licence Key Licence Value
Traffic Info Loader 3.1.0 traffic.providers TOMTOM or NAVTEQ
PTV xRoute Server  1.17  xroute.featureLayerThemes
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Ways to integrate a touch-friendly PTV xServer map for the Windows 8 UI


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The “Windows 8 Modern UI” (formerly known as “Metro”) defines a new programming model for apps which supports tablets and other touch devices.

Accessing xServers from these apps is simple: Just use SOAP with C#/VB or the new JSON API (see blog post of September 2012) with JavaScript to access the xServer functions directly from a Windows 8 app.… Read more

Toll data update and scenario


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Go to customer areaFor xServer and Mapserver the latest toll data updates and scenarios are currently available within the customer area on Developer Zone:

  • Germany: new toll table 12.3 (BAB) and new toll table 1.2 (Bundesstraßen)
  • Denmark: new tariff valid from 01.01.2013 (Øresund, Storebælt), prognostic scenario for truck toll 12t valid from 2015 incl.
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Grand final: the people behind Software Quality Assurance


In our previous article, we examined the impact of processes on product quality. But ultimately it’s all about people’s attitude to the company, team, and product. So let’s see what people can do to assure consistent product quality:

The people

Even the best process is worthless if people are not working to keep it alive.… Read more

Sequel: the processes behind Software Quality Assurance


Tools, methods and principles such as those presented in our previous article  are a sound basis for creating a solid product, and they need to be embedded into a good process. So let’s dive into today’s topic:

The processes

Designing a good process is hard. Fortunately, standard process frameworks are readily available: CMMI and Scrum are two famous standards, the first one being very detailed and having a very broad scope, the other agile with a focus on software development in single teams.… Read more